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Organized Home Office For Business Success


As a small business owner, I love working in my home office. My commute time is short, my schedule is flexible, and I can work in my yoga pants and a t-shirt if I so choose. But creating a home office is more than just plopping a computer on a table and throwing in some file cabinets. If you want to run a successful business...

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Is Your Environment Productive?


A productive environment is defined as an intentional setting where everything around you supports who you are and who you want to be. That environment can be anything from your kitchen counter to your e-mail inbox. If your environment is filled with items that don't belong in the space, your efficiency and success can be severely impacted.

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Reduce Clutter, Go “Mostly Paperless”


I've greatly reduced the amount of paper in my world by removing my name from junk mail and catalogue lists, switching my bills to electronic form, and investing in a decent scanner that allows me to convert much of the information I previously stored in paper form into electronic form. The benefit - I went from four fully packed file drawers down to two, and I can ....

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My Favorite Organizing Tools


Julie Andrews enjoyed, "raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..." (keep singing if you like, it's pretty catchy). But in my world organizing products bring joy, The Container Store has been called my mecca, and the smile on a client's face after a space is organized is pure bliss. Over the years I've discovered a few products that are either crucial for organizing success or simply unique...

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So Much Paper, So Little Time


Are you still waiting for the "paperless society" that was predicted so many years ago? In reality the amount of paper coming at us has only increased, not decreased. The U.S. post office delivers over 550 million pieces of mail each day, much of it junk mail that we never even need to look at. From working with many clients over the years...

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