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A Morning Routine To Boost Productivity

Morning Routine

A good day versus a bad day is often the result of how you start it. In the case of productivity, that is absolutely true! You can choose to begin your day with no plan or a minimal plan (“I’m going to work today.”), which usually results in your day being about other people’s priorities […]


Do More With A “What-If” Plan

Get more done with a "what-if" plan

You know you can do it. You’ve put it on your calendar, you’ve marked the appointment as a priority, you added a reminder, maybe you’ve even bolded the words or used all caps. Why on earth would you not do that task or keep that appointment with yourself to get something done? Hmmm….ever done that […]


A Good SYSTEM will Save You Space, Time, Energy, Money

System to Save You Space, Time, Energy, Money

When your kids were little you couldn’t wait to teach them new things; how to dress themselves, how to tie their shoes, how to ride a bike, etc. Oftentimes big tasks were broken down into small steps in order to achieve success; training wheels first then a two wheeler, or using lists or sticker-charts to […]


A “Don’t-Do List” Means Less Overwhelm


When asked what my secret is to staying organized, my general answer involves keeping things simple–I don’t have a lot of extra stuff and most of it has a place to live. Am I successful everyday? That’s a definite no! (Like you, I’m busy trying to have a life:-) However, most of the time I […]


Productivity Hack – It’s Not About The Tool

Productivity Hack

If you’re searching for the perfect to-do list app or calendar plug-in to make you more productive, I’m sorry to say you won’t find it here. Sure apps and software can help you be more efficient and get things done more quickly, but that does not necessarily lead to greater productivity. Being productive is about […]


Get More Done Using Small Pockets of Time


It’s pretty easy to reach the end of the day and wonder where the time went. You know you were busy, but you’re not really sure what you accomplished. In today’s world that can happen often. The result is more stress and overwhelm as well as your important projects never moving forward because you can’t […]


Technology Tools For Productivity: Help or Hindrance?

technology tsunami

Do you have a love/hate relationship with technology? You love the convenience of having a portable device that keeps you connected to your friends and family wherever you are. At the same time you’re connected to anyone who wants to get a hold of you often leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Information is now […]


Time Management Tips For Less Stress

Clock for Time Management Article

You’ve got so much to do and yet 24 hours in a day never seems to be enough. As much as you try to catch up your to-do list keeps getting longer and “checking that DONE box” rarely happens. If you want to do more with the hours you have available, these time management tips […]