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Disorganization and inefficiency not only affect productivity, but can have a severe impact on your bottom line. Whether you’re running a small business or working from home, More Time For You offers business organization and productivity solutions that save you time and money. Services we offer:

Office Space

The Productive Environment™ where you can accomplish your work

  • De-clutter and organize space for greatest efficiency and productivity
  • Professional guidance to create a paper management system that works for your business and industry and thus reduces paper consumption and storage
  • Set-up an information management system so you can eliminate the paper piles and find what you need
  • Organize computer and e-mail information for efficiency and ease of use
  • Recommend technology tools to improve productivity

Time Management & Productivity Coaching

Implementing best practices so you can get more done in a given amount of time

  • Identify priorities so you can focus on what is important
  • Learn to minimize distractions
  • Create easy to use task lists
  • Develop best practices for calendar management so you can get more done
  • Design strategies for e-mail efficiency
  • Recommend and train on best practices for using productivity tools (task management apps, electronic/paper calendar, note taking apps, email management systems)
  • Training on Microsoft® Outlook (and other workflow tools) for better e-mail, task, and calendar management


For companies, teams or departments

  • A Productive Environment™ is a Profitable One
  • Manage Your Time Before it Manages You
  • The Art of Wastebasketry™
  • Evernote Basics and Beyond

Packaged Services

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8 Hour Miracle™

Your ability to accomplish any task is directly related to your ability to find what you need when you need it. The 8 Hour Miracle is a one-on-one program to develop a more effective way to handle everything that comes across your desk (paper or electronic). It offers you peace of mind in 8 hours by clearing the piles and creating a system to manage your paper information. We begin by filing the most important papers in your office, you know – the ones you keep on your desk so you won’t forget them! This “hands-on” process creates a personalized system for management of your time, space and information based on Productive Environment Principles™ including:

  • The Art of Wastebasketry®
  • Today’s Mail is Tomorrow’s Pile
  • Clutter is Postponed Decisions®
  • The File-Act-Toss System™

Together we will decide which papers you can comfortably toss, and then we will create a searchable database so you, or anyone else, can find anything we file–online and off–with one keyword search!

Productivity Quickstart™

A streamlined version of the 8 Hour Miracleto give you the boost you need to establish a Productive Environment™. We will establish a system which you will be able to maintain long after our work together is over.

Path to Paperless

Paper and time spent looking for misplaced documents costs your business money

  • Review current procedures and create a plan for converting paper information to electronic form
  • Coordinate with IT on necessary hardware to achieve the desired results
  • Manage conversion process to ensure a seamless transition
  • Assist with training of staff on new procedures

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After my monthly day with Lori, I inevitably have a period of extreme productivity and creativity – clearing the clutter and my backlog of a month of accumulated important, but not necessarily urgent items gives me the space to think and a sense of calm that is essential to my well being.

I run my own consulting business from my home, work part time, do a tremendous amount of volunteer work for non-profits and am the mother of two elementary school age girls and 10 pets… we have a busy and wonderfully full life, but sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all of that by myself. Lori has been a valuable partner to me over the years and I’m grateful.

– Lana Guernsey, Founder Centio Communications

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