Home Office Organization

Your Home Office is the command center where you manage the business of life, and it should operate with maximum efficiency, right?

Bay Area Home Office OrganizationYou know that you need your office to function correctly, and you start off with the best of intentions.  However, life can have a way of barging in and cluttering both your priority list and your desk with items and to-dos that you never intended.

Good news, there IS hope! There are small but effective steps you can take to increase your day-to-day effectiveness, and I can show you how.

Are you ready to make the financial and emotional investment it takes to make a real difference in your life? Are you ready to be done with the start-stop effort that produces no lasting results?

Schedule a complimentary phone consultation and let’s figure out how. In a 20-minute call, we walk through your current home office organization problems and where you’d like to be, and give you a better picture of how we can help.

While each client and organizing situation is unique, here are some ways I’m able to consistently improve the lives and efficiency of my clients:

  • De-clutter and organize space for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Offer Professional guidance so you know what paper you need to keep and what you can recycle or shred
  • Set-up a paper management system so you can eliminate the piles and find what you need when you need it
  • Arrange financial records for ease of tax preparation and creation of historical records
  • Organize computer and e-mail information for efficiency and ease of use
  • Recommend technology tools to improve productivity
  • Create the command center where you can manage the business of life (pay bills, organize your family’s schedules and responsibilities, communicate with friends and family, run your household efficiently and effectively)

Complete the Productive Environment Scorecard

Testimonial from a happy, more organized client!

What a fantastic experience! I was a bit uncomfortable having someone come into my home and see my piles of papers, but I’m so glad I did. You helped me to once again enjoy being in my home office. Thanks to you I now know where to file my papers, find information I’m looking for, and house items such as my stationery, family photos and camera equipment. I thought we’d be done after the office, but I then saw all the possibility for better organization throughout the house. Your ideas and inspiration were fabulous, and the whole family is benefiting from the systems you helped to create.

– Jill, Adjunct Professor and Non-Profit Volunteer