Weather you’re relocating to or from Palo Alto or one of its surrounding cities for the first time or you are a seasoned resident, moving is a major undertaking. There are decisions to make, services providers to coordinate, boxes to unpack, and not to mention a family to get settled. We can take care of some or all of the process depending on your needs. Whatever options you choose, we take away the stress and give you peace of mind during a major life event.

Relocation ServicesRelocation Services

  • Assess your moving needs
    You’ll definitely need a mover, but what about an art installer, or someone to install your electronics. We can do an assessment to determine what services you’ll need and who to contact.
  • Research & obtain estimates of moving companies
    We work with several moving companies in the Bay Area and can match you with the right professional for your terms and budget
  • Pare Down Prior to Move Day
    Moving is the best time to pare down your possessions, but it can often be overwhelming. We help you to map a timeline, make decisions about what should go and what should stay, and take trash and donations away so the movers only pack items for your new home. You don’t want to pay someone to move items that you no longer want or need!
  • Oversee and supervise the moving day
    Whether your unavailable or just don’t want the stress of managing your movers, we can help. An experienced move manager is there as a soon as the movers arrive to ensure all furniture and boxes land where they’re supposed to. No more hunting for lost boxes or rearranging furniture after the movers leave.
  • Unpack your possessions & set-up your home the organized way
    Your new home is a blank slate. Start off on the right foot by letting us unpack your boxes and create a home that is functional and organized. No more lingering boxes for years to come. You and your family will know where things go and how to find them when you need them because your home is organized from the start.
When providing on-site organizing services in your home we take the safety of you and your family, as well as that of our crew members, very seriously. Given these unique times we have implemented the following Safety Protocols.

MTFY Crew will:

  • Be symptom free at work
  • Sanitize hands before entering and upon departing your home
  • Wear masks at all times while in your home
  • Wear gloves at all times while in your home
  • Disinfect bathroom fixtures (toilet seat, toilet tank, sink, doorknob, etc) after use
  • Disinfect the work space before leaving your home

Expectation of MTFY clients:

  • Follow CDC stay home guidelines for symptoms and exposure
  • Reschedule your appointment if anyone in your home is sick or symptomatic
  • Attest that no one in your home has had any COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days
  • Social distance at least 6’ from our MTFY crew while in your home
  • Wear masks during all interactions with MTFY crew

We hope this offers you some level of comfort of how seriously we are taking the safety and health of the MTFY crew as well as that of our clients. Contact Us today to assess your project and get you started on the path to a more organized life.

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