Productivity Coaching

If you are located outside of Silicon Valley or don’t have the time or resources to commit to on-site assistance, Virtual Productivity Coaching is the service for you. We serve as your accountability partner and keep you on track to achieve your goals for greater organization, productivity, and efficiency. Most of our home solutions and business solutions can be done virtually, but on a general level we offer:

Time Management & Productivity Coaching

Implementing best practices so you can get more done in a given amount of time

  • Identify priorities so you can focus on what is important
  • Learn to minimize distractions
  • Create easy to use task lists
  • Develop best practices for calendar management so you can get more done
  • Design strategies for e-mail efficiency
  • Recommend and train best practices for using productivity tools (task management apps, electronic/paper calendar, note taking apps, email management systems)
  • Training on Microsoft® Outlook (and other workflow tools) for better e-mail, task, and calendar management

Small Business Solutions

Organize space, time, and information so that your small business and its employees are operating in the most Productive Environment™

  • Professional guidance to create a paper management system that works for your business and industry and thus reduces paper consumption and storage
  • Set-up an information management system so you can eliminate the paper piles and find what you need
  • Organize computer and e-mail information for efficiency and ease of use
  • Recommend technology tools to improve productivity

evernoteEvernote Training & Implementation

Individuals use Evernote to organize their lives. Whether you’re a creative, business person, or just want to be more organized Evernote can help. It captures all of the notes, tasks, emails, ideas, images, articles, and webpages you want to remember, then synchronizes all of that information across all of your devices and makes it instantly shareable with anyone – whether they use Evernote or not.

To learn more about how we can help you realize the benefits of adding Evernote to your productivity toolbelt, click here.

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Working with Lori and More Time For You was perfect for me.  I had taken time management classes and read books, but nothing ever stuck.  I really need something developed just for me that worked with the I.T. devices I use at home and at work.  I could not keep up with my personal/work appointments or all of the email I was receiving.  I was too disorganized to be responsive to my clients and make my appointments on time.  With Lori’s help, I was able to prioritize.  She found the apps and software I needed to work with what I already had.  Now, I have one calendar, one task list –which she trained me to use effectively – and, I prioritize my emails and tasks.  I went from having thousands of emails in my in-box to less than twenty at any given time.  I really feel that Lori listened to my needs, quickly picked up on my personal challenges, and created a great solution just for me.  She was a pleasure to work with and I’ll be checking in with her if I fall back on bad habits.  For now – I’m feeling more in control of my schedule and life and doing my job better thanks to Lori!!

– Jennifer M., Arch Capital Services Inc.

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