Home Solutions

Working with More Time For You we create the home you’ve always dreamed of – one that functions and supports the way you live. Whether you’re looking for greater efficiency within a space or are just so overwhelmed by the clutter you don’t know where to begin, we can help! Our services include:

Home Organization

Entryway, kids’ rooms, kitchen/pantry, closets, garage, storage space

  • De-clutter and organize space for maximum efficiency
  • An objective voice to guide you in the process of getting rid of “stuff”
  • Recommend and/or shop for organizational products
  • Refer you to trusted local service providers to enhance the organization process (handyman, contractor, interior designer, closet companies, etc.)
  • Take donations to local charities

Home Office

The command center where you manage the business of life

  • De-clutter and organize space for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Professional guidance so you know what paper you need to keep and what you can recycle or shred
  • Home Organization SolutionsSet-up a paper management system so you can eliminate the piles and find what you need when you need it
  • Arrange financial records for ease of tax preparation and creation of historical records
  • Organize computer and e-mail information for efficiency and ease of use
  • Recommend technology tools to improve productivity

Time Management & Productivity Coaching

You can get more done if you have a plan and a system in place

  • Identify priorities so you can focus on what is important and minimize distractions
  • Create easy to use task lists
  • Implement best practices for calendar management so you can get more done
  • Ease the burden of managing multiple family members’ schedules
  • Teach strategies for e-mail efficiency
  • Recommend technology tools

Relocation Assistance

Provide peace of mind during a major life event that is often very stressful

  • Assess your moving needs
  • Research & obtain estimates of moving companies
  • Pack and unpack your possessions
  • Oversee and supervise the moving day

With Lori’s help I have a well organized home and office that has streamlined my daily life, giving me more time and less stress.  As our family grew and our lives changed, we found that our garage and closets needed re-organizing and my office was a mess of papers.  Through Lori’s recommendation we hired a local closet company to build out our closets and create much more useable space.  In addition, the piles in my office have been greatly reduced using Lori’s customized system of an inbox, that I actually use and process, and files that makes sense to me.  A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!

–Joanna O., Mother and Tutor

We are a family of six living in a 1400 square foot home. Space is at a premium to say the least. Lori has really helped me to de-clutter and use my space more efficiently. My kids are playing with their toys more, my family knows where things go and how to find them, and my whole house feels lighter. The experience has been life changing!

– Christy Wolf, Business Owner

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