Success Stories

Lori Krolik has become as essential to my staying on track with an organization routine as a personal trainer is in getting me to go to the gym. My monthly routine with Lori helps me to focus and makes me exponentially more efficient and calm at home, in the office and as a busy mom looking for a perfectly balanced life. Bottom line, without Lori, the art and science of de-cluttering my home and staying organized simply does not happen — there is always something more interesting I’d rather do than process piles. In contrast, with Lori by my side, I can move through my clutter at lightening speed.

You have made such a huge impact in my life because of your organizing skills — but more important, you were always firm but very very caring.  I can’t find the exact words to thank you or describe my new and exciting life change!  Every weekend when my grandson visited, he would always ask me when I was going to fix my bed and also asked why all my “vacation stuff” was still on my bed (we had all vacationed to Disneyland last December) so the best compliment I can give you is the one from my 4-year old grandson…he said “Granma, I looooove your room forever”…and also (with all the extra floor space) he asks me to turn on some music and wants us to dance in front of the closet mirrors (formerly blocked) — what you did is helping us create even more precious memories…

Working with Lori and More Time For You was perfect for me.  I had taken time management classes and read books, but nothing ever stuck.  I really need something developed just for me that worked with the I.T. devices I use at home and at work.  I could not keep up with my personal/work appointments or all of the email I was receiving.  I was too disorganized to be responsive to my clients and make my appointments on time.  With Lori’s help, I was able to prioritize.  She found the apps and software I needed to work with what I already had.  Now, I have one calendar, one task list –which she trained me to use effectively – and, I prioritize my emails and tasks.  I went from having thousands of emails in my in-box to less than twenty at any given time.  I really feel that Lori listened to my needs, quickly picked up on my personal challenges, and created a great solution just for me.  She was a pleasure to work with and I’ll be checking in with her if I fall back on bad habits.  For now – I’m feeling more in control of my schedule and life and doing my job better thanks to Lori!!

What a fantastic experience! I was a bit uncomfortable having someone come into my home and see my piles of papers, but I’m so glad I did. You helped me to once again enjoy being in my office. Thanks to you I now know where to file my papers, find information I’m looking for, and house items such as my stationery, family photos and camera equipment. I thought we’d be done after the office, but I then saw all the possibility for better organization throughout the house. Your ideas and inspiration were fabulous, and the whole family is benefiting from the systems you helped to create.

I have asked Lori for help on multiple occasions, ranging from cleaning out years worth of office files to setting up all my closets and kitchen cabinets/pantry organization in a new home. Lori asks many questions and constantly re-qualifies throughout the project to make sure the method of organization she is planning is in sync with the client’s lifestyle/usage/expectations. Lori plans so that a client can actually benefit and grow with an organization system that matches the client’s personality and daily usage. I highly recommend Lori’s work.

Wanting to make my shared home office (and family catch-all place) a pleasant & productive environment after years of  not making that happen myself, I hired Lori.  I’d hire her again in a minute!  She helped me get unstuck.  Not only did I immediately benefit from the results of our work together, she also taught me how to take some big next steps on my own.   Call Lori.  Let  her be the catalyst getting you to the peace of mind being organized can bring to your everyday life.

I hired More Time For You to organize our four car garage. Lori gave me a time/cost estimate that ended was dead on target, she helped me move and unpack loads of stuff, sort through items to donate, trash, and keep, then identify zones that would work for our changing lifestyle. The More Time For You crew (really great guys!) helped to haul away or bring to donation centers large, bulky items, and even built new shelving. We got the job done in 10.5 hours divided into three days – it would have easily taken my husband and I at least 40 hours over months, thus saving our time, marriage, and sanity!

I have been working with Lori for the last year to help me keep my home (and marriage!) running smoothly. When Lori first arrived, I couldn’t even prioritize my needs but she jumped right in and made an immediate and consistent impact. I now schedule time with Lori once a month to help me keep everything running smoothly in my office.

Lori’s services have benefitted me in so many different ways. As an adult with ADD, organization is key to my success professionally and personally. Lori helps me stay on track with my projects by keeping the clutter down and by creating easy-to-use systems that allow me to focus when I’m working in my office. She gives me countless tips for being more efficient including using technology to make information overload less overwhelming. Having Lori on my team has helped me to succeed in many areas of my life. I think she is fantastic!

With Lori’s help I have a well organized home and office that has streamlined my daily life, giving me more time and less stress. As our family grew and our lives changed, we found that our garage and closets needed re-organizing and my office was a mess of papers. Through Lori’s recommendation we hired a local closet company to build out our closets and create much more useable space. In addition, the piles in my office have been greatly reduced using Lori’s customized system of an inbox, that I actually use and process, and files that makes sense to me. A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!

My office piles had gotten to be just “too much” and I really needed to de-clutter. Lori helped me sort through the piles, gain a good understanding of what I really needed to keep or get rid of, and set up a files system that I could easily access and maintain. We accomplished in a few hours what would have taken me days to complete on my own.

Lori did a fabulous job helping me organize what I can now call my office. She helped me clean out the room, organize my business supplies and make my work space much more efficient. Lori is very easy to work with and makes very efficient use of time. In organizing for me, she made use of existing resources and then recommended anything else I might need. It wasn’t about buying organizers, it was about putting efficient systems into place to keep my business supplies easy to access and easy to inventory. I love my new and improved office and I will definitely call Lori when I can tackle my next project.