8 Organization Hacks From Pinterest

A picture is worth a thousand words! Pinterest was born of this concept and continues to attract people not just with simple photos, but inspiration for everything in your life. Looking to appeal to the visual side of my readers, I decided to look for popular organization hacks on Pinterest to see what resonates. Below is a compilation of some of my favorites that may help you in your quest for an organized home.

A Hook Is Not a Hook

– Unless it is a Command Hook. I love all things Command for their general versatility and the fact that you can put them anywhere without a single tool or worrying about damaging your walls. Check out some creative uses for these versatile little suckers and you might find the perfect solutions for your home.

Kids Books

– Bookshelves aren’t just for books anymore. They can hold also hold containers of toys, display items, as well as books of different sizes.  I love this organization hack for literally turning things on their side and making your kids books accessible and easy to find.

Underbed Storage

– When living in a small space, every inch counts. This clever organization hack of an Ikea closet unit converted into a bed rocks! It not only looks great, but gives you organized storage under the bed versus a waste-land of forgotten items.

Hiding Things In Plain Site

– Kids toys, games, remotes, and other living room items can create clutter when left on a coffee table or in open space. This easy to access storage table provides a solution while keeping things out of site.

Bathroom Counter Clutter Buster

– Pedastal sinks can make for a clean look in a small bathroom. However, they don’t provide any storage. A stacked basket not only get things off the counter, but gives you a second layer of storage that a shelf does not.

Food Storage Containers

– Lids and bottoms go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. But in order to maximize space and find what you need when you need it, store the lids vertically and stack the bottoms close by.

Office Shelving Keeps Clutter Off Your Desk

– Many people have clutter on horizontal surfaces because they are not using their vertical space well. Display shelving not only looks pretty and is versatile in terms of what it can hold, it also gets items off your desk that could easily become clutter. E.g. inspirational items, research books and papers, stapler and tape dispenser, printer paper, etc.

Organization Related to Behaviors and Routines

– Even the best product or solution will fail without strong implementation and continued use. You can’t just set it up and forget it. Organization is about creating a system you like and maintaining it, not everyday, but often enough that it does not get out of control.