The month of June brings the end of school and the beginning of summer fun.  Start the season right by clearing the clutter you’ve collected over the past year.  Then get ready to enjoy the longer days by getting your sports gear in order.  Preparing now will enable you to make the most of the beautiful weather and take advantage of summer fun.

  • Have you been shoving mail and school papers in the nearest cabinet just as company is about to arrive?  Now is a great time to go through those cabinets and get rid of the old papers.  For things you need to act on, do it — or schedule a time on your calendar to get it done.  If you need to keep the information as a reference, then file it.
  • Do you dread the huge packet that comes home on the last day of school?  Don’t shove it aside thinking you’ll deal with it later (which you probably won’t).  Instead,quickly go through it and only save items that will hold their value,e.g. stories written about your family, experiences your child has had,or those things that reflect who she is at a particular age.  Don’t hold onto a math worksheet or school report just because your child did well or worked really hard on it.
  • Are your son’s or daughter’s mementos (including school projects and papers) stashed all over the house?  Gather them up and put them in a large plastic bin or art portfolio.  Group the items by year, and stack them chronologically.  The container does not have to be perfectly organized; it just needs to serve as collection bin for items that you want to reflect on in the future.
  • Are your family’s bikes ready to go if you decided to take a spontaneous bike ride?  Are your tennis racquets buried under the ski gear you used this winter?  If your kids want to play basketball or soccer could they find a ball that does not bounce like a lead balloon?  Get your sports gear in working order and make sure it’s easily accessible.  Don’t let clutter and disorganization prevent you from enjoying the leisurely days of summer you’ve been waiting for.