You know you can do it. You’ve put it on your calendar, you’ve marked the appointment as a priority, you added a reminder, maybe you’ve even bolded the words or used all caps. Why on earth would you not do that task or keep that appointment with yourself to get something done? Hmmm….ever done that with exercise, writing a blog post, cleaning your garage? Life happens and despite a well-intentioned, can-do attitude sometimes our best efforts are derailed by other people, a more interesting opportunity, or our own lack of motivation. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you did not do what you had intended, why not make a “what-if” plan for what to do when you’re own self-imposed plan blows up? KABOOM!!!! A “what-if” plan can be your savior. It’s your lifeline that keeps a small misstep from becoming a complete derailment of your ultimate goal.

Example of as “What-If” Plan –

“What-if  I don’t get to the gym because I was too tired to get up and I snoozed my alarm? Then I will find 10-20 minutes that day to do some push-ups, do a HIT workout, or do some jumping jacks.” “What-if  I plan a morning to clear off my desk and finally get to those paper piles I’ve needed to deal with, but my kid gets sick and I end up spending the morning in the Dr.’s office? Then I will find 10-15 minutes to do go through five of the items and make a decision…File, Act, or Toss.”“What-if  I decide to blow off the hour I blocked out to work on my newsletter (Guilty as charged!)? Then I will find 10-15 minutes the next day to just start writing, even if I don’t finish. Wash, Rinse, Repeat…until it is done!”

How Does This Help –

Is doing 10-20 minutes of something really going to make a difference? In short….Heck Yeah!!! When you are trying to develop a habit or a good routine, maintaining your momentum is MUCH easier then trying to rebuild your momentum. When you completely stop doing something, your inner voice takes over and makes you feel like a failure, a little ashamed, unmotivated. But, just doing a little of something keeps you moving forward and sets you up for continued success.

“What-If” Plan Help Define Your Priorities –

If you stick to your “what-if” plan and you still find yourself having trouble staying on track, maybe it’s time to review your commitment. Is going to the gym something you really want to do? Maybe you need to find something else to help you stay in shape; a Zumba class, a hiking club, a friend to walk with. Or maybe, your commitment should be more about eating healthy versus trying to find time to work out. Either way, the “what-if” plan keeps you from being derailed from achieving your goal while also helping you to really define your priorities.

Share a “what-if” plan that has worked for you. We’d love to hear it!