Lately things seem to be starting to change. More people are getting vaccinated, many kids are back in school, business restrictions are lessening, and thankfully we are leaving our homes more. Hopefully we are headed on the right path out of the pandemic! As you look around the home, what has happened over the last year? Does it still reflect the space you want it to be? Has clutter taken over? Have your kids (and their stuff) taken over? Is that place that used to welcome you now a place that repels you? Perhaps it’s time to take back control, but where do you begin?

Make a Priority List

– What are the things that are important to you? What items are no longer useful or bringing you joy? Do your kids still need 8 containers of Legos AND Duplos? What have they outgrown or what do you simply have too much of? What’s your style going to be as you re-enter the world? Are you going to keep your comfy leggings and lose fitting tops or go back to a more structured wardrobe? Will you use all those specialty kitchen products you purchased to fill your time during shelter in place or will you be spending less time in the kitchen? Once you have a priority list it makes the decision of what to keep or get rid of much easier.

Start with a Small Decluttering Project – Going straight to your worst clutter spots can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead, start small with one cabinet or closet. Starting small gives you direct results and is motivates you to keep you going through other parts of your home.

Ask the Right Questions – Decisions around letting go of things can be hard. These questions may help.

  • If I keep it, will I remember I have it?
  • If I remember I have it, will I be able to find it?
  • How am I going to display it/ store it/use it?
  • If I knew (or visualized) that someone else would really benefit from having this (i.e. if I donated it), would it be easier to let it go?
  • Do I have a definite use for this item in the foreseeable future?

Get Out The Donations, Trash, and Recycling – A frequent issue for DIY organizers is not dealing with the items they no longer want or need. In order for a space to stay organized you need to get the clutter out immediately. Take it directly to a local charity drop off or post immediately on social media sites to give away your items for free. Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Freecycle are all good sites for making your trash another person’s treasure.