I’m a big believer in planning and setting up systems when you are trying to be more organized.  However, sometimes simply having the right container or tool can make your life a whole lot easier.  Below are some products and apps that make staying organized and productive seem effortless (note: All titles are clickable links to the item described).

Way Basics Storage – Do it yourself furniture can save you money, but all those screws and complicated directions can make you want to tear your hair out.  This storage solution is eco-friendly, easy to assemble, and looks great.  The cube system works well for kids’ books and toys, as an entertainment center, or as a bookshelf in your office.  The possibilities are endless and may be just the solution to get rid of the clutter in your home.

See Through File Folders – Sometimes despite your best efforts piles happen.  These clear file folders give you the visual cue you need when looking for that important file on your cluttered desk.  And they’re really durable too!

Magazine Boxes – Storing paper and other items horizontally can lead to items getting lost and buried under other things.  Magazine boxes allow you to store papers, files, directories, and other items on a desktop or shelf so they are easily accessible.  The Semikolon brand is attractive as well as functional, but you can find less expensive brands at Target, Office Depot, or The Container Store.

Wunderlist – There are lots of task management systems out there and what works for one person may be a complete disaster for another.  Many of them require heavy customization to make them work for you or are just way too complicated.  Why spend more time managing your lists than you do actually getting things done?  Wunderlist is simple to use, works on multiple platforms, and has an easy to read display.  See appstorm for a detailed description and review.

Calengoo – I could not have successfully converted to an electronic calendar without this app.  It allows you to display your Google calendar on your smartphone (iPhone or Android) in multiple formats that are easy to read.  No more clicking on each day of the week to determine where you can book an appointment.  This still remains my most used and favorite app since purchasing my smartphone 4 years ago.

P-Touch Label Maker  – I’ve always said a label maker should be as commonplace as a stapler or scissors.  Labeled containers, drawers, files, and shelves let you, and everyone who uses a space, know where items are located.  I prefer the Brother P-Touch brand for its simplicity, reliability, and ease of use.  There are multiple models, so find one that works for your needs, and stock up on plenty of label tape.

There are tons of products and apps out there to help you be more organized and productive. If you have a product or app that makes your life easier, please share it at www.facebook.com/moretimeforyou.   (Disclaimer: I have no relationship with these companies, nor do I receive compensation for promoting them.  I just like their products.)