On the day of a party we recently hosted, I received a call from my friend Susan. Before I could even say hello, she blurted, “I’m so sorry to bother you, you must be getting ready for the party.” My response, “Well, actually I’m sitting in my backyard reading a book.” (I knew I needed to relax before what was sure to be a very fun, but late evening.) Susan’s reaction, “Of course you are, your organized!” As we get into the busy holiday season there will be many events and gatherings to plan. Wouldn’t it be nice to make sure yours goes on not only without a hitch, but without a last minute panic as you run to the store to pick up forgotten items? Here are a few tips to help make your next party planning experience less stressful.

Who’s Coming?

– How many people are you planning for. Do you need to send a formal invite or will an online Evite or Paperless Post work. Either way, send your invite early and as your event gets closer send a reminder to those who have not responded so you can plan accordingly.


– Are you hiring a caterer? Can friends help with cooking/shopping or will potluck work? Remember the holidays are a busy time, and while taking on the entire menu yourself sounds like a doable task now, as things get closer you may be a bit overwhelmed.


– In today’s On Demand Economy help is not that hard to find. Bartenders, servers, or someone to clean up or do dishes; is just a click away. Again, why take on more than you should only to realize you can’t even enjoy your own party?


– A festive environment is a fun environment. If your party is something you do every year, store your decor items in a labeled container or on a shelf so you can pull them out when needed. If you like to create a unique environment every time, check Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a festive setting.

Make Lists

– Party planning tasks include things to buy, items to set up, help to hire, etc. Make your lists, create a timeline, and stick to it! “Happiness is a checked box” and each item you complete puts you that much closer to relaxing and enjoying the wonderful party you created!