You know how difficult it is to keep track of all the things you have to remember.  You use a calendar, to-do lists, random scraps of paper, and more often than not, your own memory.  If your brain is tired from all the things you are trying to keep up with, check-out some of the tools and products that help you get more done.

  • Zenminder – If you are a Blackberry user and not so thrilled with the calendar reminder, this is a great tool for reminding you of the most important events and tasks in your life.
  • Toodledo – You create your to-do list and set reminders for important tasks.  It’s a web based program that can also connect with the iphone (an app) and other popular devices.   The web version is free and allows you to access your list anywhere.
  • Things – This is another great tool for managing your to-do’s and all the other things you want to remember.  However it is only available for the Mac (although there is an iphone app).  It’s great for those using David Allen’s GTD system.
  • Remember The Milk – A cute name for a powerful task management system.  You can receive reminders via e-mail, instant messaging and SMS.  There’s an application for the iphone and blackberry, or it can be used via the web.
  • Stickies – This is a great tool for those of you with yellow Post-it® notes covering your monitor, desk, and phone.  Stickies is a way to computerize those notes so you can set audible reminders and organize things you want to remember without having small squares of paper cluttering your desk area.
  • Portable Notebooks – If you’re more of a low tech person, then I highly recommend you carry a notebook in a color, size and style that you love so that you ensure it is always with you.  Moleskine is a popular brand, but your options are endless. Use your portable notebook to take meeting notes, jot down things you want to remember (and transfer later to your calendar or task management system), and store lists of items that interest you (books to read, items to buy, websites to visit, quotes to remember, etc.).

Use these tools to get things the things you need to remember out of your head.  You’ll be amazed at how much your focus and concentration improves.